All the benefits of compressed sawdust logs you need to know

4 Benefits of switching to compressed sawdust logs

Starting a decent fire shouldn’t require chopping firewood into the correct sizes. Making those oddly shaped pieces of wood fit in your fireplace or having to maintain the fire continuously. Compressed sawdust logs offer a quick and hassle-free solution to all these problems.

Why Good Wood Logs are goodThis winter you should enjoy spending time with the family around the fire. With the mesmerizing flames and warmth that it provides, we don’t blame that you would want to. There is no worse feeling than having to chop wood in the cold to have additional pieces to add to the fire. Luckily for you our logs remove these complications, and have the following benefits:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Have Stamina
  • Easily Breakable
  • Save Space

This winter you can spend more time with your family and less time attending to the fire. Achieve picture perfect flames with every fire that you make.

Eco Friendly

These days it is rare to come across a product that is both beneficial for you and towards the environment. Good Wood’s compressed sawdust logs are made entirely from recycled material. Yes, that is 100% recyclable, including the packaging.

Our kiln dried sawdust from the timber processing industry is taken and compressed at extremely high pressures without any additives, providing a solid structure for each log.

The process also guarantees that each log is manufactured to the same high quality every single time. Ensuring your wood will burn consistently time and time again.

Have Stamina

You might be thinking, how does wood have stamina? When we speak about stamina, it refers to the length of time at which one log will burn. Each pack supplied by Good Wood can burn for 2 hours or more, depending on the environment, due to their compact design.

They also heat your room up faster than traditional firewood, due to Good Wood logs producing less smoke, allowing you to keep the chimney damper less open, which in turn produces more effective heating within the room.

The cleaning process is more straight forward because less than 4% of the ash remains in your fireplace. Creating an easy clean-up process after a relaxing evening.

Easily Breakable

The most stressful part of making a fire must be chopping wood. It’s just such a mission to cut awkwardly shaped pieces of wood, which don’t stand up without a bit of support. Trying not to hurt yourself but also focusing on getting the job done right.

The design and structure of our product allow them to be broken easily. With the help of a sharp edge and a bit of muscle power, you can break the log into the size you need. No need to bring out the axe anymore.

Space Saver

Each log is manufactured to the same standard every single time. Having a diameter of 75mm, storage is no problem. With each log being the same, you can stack the logs out of the way. Saving you 25% more space than regular wood would take up.

Although each log undergoes compression, they still do not deal with humidity or damp well. Make sure you store the logs in a cool, dry place to ensure longevity.

Less money and space are spent on additional resources, such as firelighters and kindling, thanks to Good Wood logs being quick lighting. Our logs are their own kindling when broken into pieces and due to their consistent dryness require less firelighters.

Here are 6 easy steps to get your fire going:

  1. Place a piece of firelighter with some small pieces of a Good Wood log
  2. Open the damper if the fire is in a closed fireplace
  3. Light the firelighter
  4. Place the preferred number of logs on the fire once good wood pieces have taken
  5. Adjust the damper to your specific requirements
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy the mesmerizing flames

Start your preparations for winter early this year by getting your stock of compressed sawdust logs from your local distributor. Good Wood logs warm both your heart while warming your home. Providing serious heat without the fuss. Delivered straight to your door.